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A Worldview

Ancestral Oceanic Home

Moananuiākea, the vast Pacific, is the domain of Kanaloa, god of the ocean. The greatest body of water on earth, the Pacific can easily fit within its oceanic borders all the land masses on the planet combined. It controls the weather patterns around the globe and is responsible for every other human breath.

Moananuiākea is the oceanic home and heritage region for all peoples who are indigenous to islands and continents touched by Pacific waters. Rich with traditions of innovation and exploration, profound human achievements have taken place here for millennia. We believe that indigenous knowledge and ingenuity have the capacity to help heal the earth, promote global peace and compassion, and advance humankind.

ʻAha Moananuiākea Education Vision

The Pacific, the ancestral home of the Hawaiian people, is a strategic oceanic region of influence and impact that serves as a global educational canvas for the highest levels of learning to generate real-world solutions guided by indigenous wisdom.

To realize this vision, the ʻAha Moananuiākea consortium has established ten cultural partnerships that connect Hawaiʻi and the following Pacific regions: French Polynesia, Aotearoa, Alaska, and Taiwan.

French Polynesia

Tahiti — Raʻiātea — Royal Pōmare Family


Sealaska Corporation — Alaska Native Communities

Indigenous Taiwan

Kaviyangan Paiwan — National Taiwan University


Assembly of Micronesian Pwo Navigators

Pacific Conversations

Join us as we engage in refreshing discussions with Pacific leaders, young and old, to exchange ideas and perspectives on revitalizing our languages and cultures, restoring the Pacific, and healing the planet.

Heritage Pūʻolo

Enjoy this compendium of exciting educational resources devoted to Pacific learning and engagement. Each lesson is a pūʻolo, a ti-leaf bundle of knowledge filled with information and insight about our ancestral oceanic heritage.

Pacific Maps

Learn more about the Moananuiākea Pacific Consortium and our network of indigenous learning communities.


Here you will find a curated collection of Pacific maps that showcase the areas of current engagement with ʻAha Moananuiākea partners.