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Our Commitment

Ho‘oku‘i – Unity at the Zenith of Change

Hawaiian identity is key to Hawaiian success. Today, we stand at the threshold of a cultural transformation that we as a community have created. The future is bright, the change we have worked hard for is here, and we have never been more ready than now.

Ho‘oilina: Empowering Our Traditions of Exploration

In 1883, with the stroke of a pen, Princess Bernice Pauahi Pākī Bishop set into motion a chain of events that would serve to sustain her people during times of great challenge and change. That visionary act of more than a century ago empowers Native Hawaiians today to rise and take the reins of leadership in Hawaiʻi, their ancestral home.

Pauahi believed that the noble traits of character exemplified by her great-grandfather, revered warrior-king Kamehameha ‘Ekahi, would inspire future generations. Aloha, compassion, empowers us to constantly improve the physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being of our families and communities. Kūpaʻa, resolve, empowers us to proudly assert our identity through our rich heritage and native tongue. ‘Imi naʻauao, knowledge exploration, empowers us to relentlessly search for possibilities, solutions, and innovations to advance the condition of the lāhui, the social body of Hawai‘i’s native people. In so doing, we honor the traditions of our ancestors and maintain their hoʻoilina for generations to come.

With Hawaiian education as a catalyst, Kamehameha Schools now embarks on an epic voyage of social change and environmental restoration for Hawaiʻi nei, the Pacific community, and the greater world in which we serve as both leader and citizen. With a healthy, well-educated Hawaiian population that is strong politically and economically, the sails are set for an unprecedented journey of exploration that will help to solve global issues, promote peace and unity, and allow Native Hawaiians to shine as an exemplar of ancestral wisdom leading the world forward – full sail. I mua Kamehameha!

Ho‘oilina Statement
[Downloadable pdf of full statement]

Cultural Principles of Native Hawaiian Identity

Kamehameha Schools embraces four Cultural Principles that guide all programs, operations, and decision-making: ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, Loina Kamehameha, Hoʻōla Lāhui, and Aloha ʻĀina. Established through the Kūhanauna Strategic Plan 2020, these principles reflect the legacy of wisdom from our kūpuna and the value system of the greater Hawaiian community.

Mo‘olelo Lanakila 2020: A Kamehameha Schools Story of Strategic Success

From 2015 to 2020, Kamehameha Schools’ staff committed to Hawaiian language and culture learning. ʻŌlelo Kahua, a mandatory series of monthly classes, provided baseline expectations for some 2,300 employees. Additionally, four Cultural Principles of Native Hawaiian Identity were embedded in programs, operations, and decision-making enterprise wide. This unprecedented effort sets the stage for an ongoing journey of cultural transformation and social change. Click on Mo‘olelo Lanakila for an inspirational summary of these historical achievements.

Mo‘olelo Lanakila 2020
[Downloadable pdf of full report]

Ho‘oku‘i Transformation 2030

To join together, connect; the high point overhead, the zenith; to spread news; to pound, strike; clap of thunder.

The next decade will be one of making connections from where we have been to where we are going. Ho‘oku‘i will be an opportunity to make deeper connections with our ‘ohana, heritage, and beloved ‘āina. It’s a time of reawakening connections throughout Moananuiākea, the great Pacific, the ancestral home of the Hawaiian people.

The youth grow. The elders gather. The Lāhui rises. Hawai‘i transforms. The Pacific unites. The world heals. The universe is whole. Ho‘oku‘i.