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Bernice Pauahi Bishop Heritage Center

Hinged Wooden Box with Kamehameha ‘Ekahi Engraving
This box, engraved with an image of Kamehameha ʻEkahi, was created Fritz Abplanalp, former teacher at Kamehameha Schools and noted woodcarver.

Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i
This coat of arms was original to Keōua Hale, the home of Ruth Ke‘elikōlani which was bequeathed to Bernice Pauahi.

Door Handles and Faceplates
The door handles and faceplates at the Heritage Center are the from the original Bernice Pauahi Bishop Memorial Chapel built on the grounds of the Kaiwiʻula campus by Charles Reed Bishop and gifted to the schools on December 19, 1897.

Founder’s Day
This Kamehameha Schools tradition began in 1888, one year after the opening of the original School for Boys. Five years later, in 1893, another honorific ceremony was added at Maunaʻala in Nuʻuanu, adorning the final resting place of our benefactress in song and lei.

Hawaiian Quilt and Pillow Shams
This Hawaiian quilt, with its defining pink and white lokelani pattern, was specially made in 1995 by Yvonne Friel of Molokaʻi, Hawaiʻi.

Bernice Pauahi Bishop Heritage Center Tour for Young Learners
This virtual tour of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Heritage Center gives the viewer a glimpse into its belongings and is geared towards engaging Preschool-aged keiki.

Kāhili Collection
The Heritage Center is home to a number of kāhili made by skilled feather workers including Mary Lou Kekuewa, Paulette Kahalepuna, Momi Mersberg, Augusta-Helen Bento, Nuʻulani Atkins, Ruby Lowe, and Kaleinani Brown.

Kaiwi‘ula and Niuhelewai, Kapālama
Kamehameha ʻEkahi would make a lasting mark on the lands of Kaiwiʻula and Niuhelewai, reminding us of the connection between our schools, its namesake, and the ʻāina on which it was originally founded.

Ke‘elikōlani’s Four-Poster Koa Bed
This beautiful bed belonged to Princess Ruth Ke‘elikōlani and came from Keōua Hale, her home in Ka‘akopua which she bequeathed to Bernice Pauahi.

Pauahi’s Letters, Papers, and Diaries
A collection of compositions written by Bernice Pauahi Bishop, currently housed in the Bishop Museum Archives.

Kahanakalani Pauahi: Replica Feathered Cape
Kahanakalani Pauahi is a feathered cape whose creation was inspired by the original cape made for and worn by Pauahi as a child. Approximately 30,000 feathers adorn this kīpuka, made lovingly by staff, students, and friends here at the Heritage Center.

The Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum
C. R. Bishop promised Princess Pauahi and Queen Emma that he would build a museum to preserve and exhibit the heirlooms of their chiefly ancestors.

The Founding of the Kamehameha Schools
On October 3, 1887, the Kamehameha School for Boys welcomed its first students onto the Kaiwiʻula campus to begin their schooling instruction.

The Last Will and Testament of Bernice Pauahi Bishop
On October 31, 1883, Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop signed her last will and testament establishing within the thirteenth codicil the charitable trust, Kamehameha Schools.