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Partnerships & Declarations

The ʻAha Moananuiākea Pacific Consortium recognizes the extraordinary life of Papa Mau Piailug and his extended family of Micronesian Pwo navigators as a “Pacific Legacy of Distinction.” We honor the traditional wayfinding knowledge that was shared with Native Hawaiians that led to a renaissance of long-distance voyaging, canoe-building, and indigenous pride across Moananuiākea.

This 3-minute video is taken from a longer virtual ceremony, held on March 8, 2021, that connected atolls and high islands from Micronesia to Hawaiʻi in honor of Pius Mau Piailug and the Assembly of Micronesian Pwo Navigators.

To view the full ceremony, featured in the Pacific Conversations episode entitled Pacific Ingenuity: Papa Mau Piailug and the Pwo Navigators of Micronesia, please click here.

THE FOLLOWING IS A LINK to the ‘Aha Moananuiākea declaration that recognizes the Assembly of Micronesian Pwo Navigators as a Pacific Legacy of Distinction. The signed documents are provided in Satawalese, Hawaiian, and English.

Pacific Legacy of Distinction Honoring Micronesian Pwo Navigators

Signed by lead representative Thomas Raffipiy on behalf of the Assembly of Micronesian Pwo Navigators, this declaration honors the navigational heritage and ongoing legacy of Papa Mau Piailug and reflects a shared dedication to promote ancestral knowledge and sciences, model unity and dignity for oceanic peoples, and inspire indigenous solutions to help restore Island Earth.

March 8, 2021 Hawaiʻi / March 9, 2021, Micronesia

[Downloadable pdf]