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Weni Mmwaemi* — Aloha! ʻAha Moananuiākea honors the strong cultural relationships between Kānaka Maoli, Native Hawaiians, and the peoples of the diverse Micronesian world, which include shared love of our lands and waters, our peoples, our languages, and our identities. Learners of all ages and backgrounds are invited to immerse in this rich Pacific heritage and explore topics of interest at a self-directed pace. Au Wa Aerhigerhig* — Mahalo!

*This greeting is in the language of Satawalese, the native language of Mau Piailug.

Here you will find a range of resources — maps, websites, videos, and materials — that provide general background on the region, its peoples, and their cultures.

This partnership honors Papa Pius Mau Piailug, his extended family of Pwo navigators and voyagers, and the beauty and brilliance of their ancestral home, Micronesia.

This page features native voices, interests, and perspectives regarding current events and happenings in the Micronesian community.