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Cultural Principles of Native Hawaiian Identity

  1. ‘ŌLELO HAWAI‘I – Hawaiian Language
    SP 2015-2020: We believe that the revitalization of ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i is critical to strengthening Hawaiian Identity which will ensure that the Native Hawaiian way of life thrives in perpetuity. In that light, we will cultivate, nurture, perpetuate, honor, and engage in the regular use of ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i – the native language of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop and her lāhui.

    SP 2020 – ON: Kamehameha Schools normalizes the use of ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i to become a bilingual organization.
  2. HO‘ŌLA LĀHUI – Revitalizing the Hawaiian People
    SP 2015-2020: We believe that our mission will be most effectively realized by students, staff, and families that are committed to the revitalization of the Hawaiian people. To help facilitate that commitment, we will cultivate Hawaiian Identity by providing opportunities to learn about Hawaiian history and culture, and the Hawaiian Experience (the totality of historical challenges and triumphs that over time continue to shape and advance the condition of the Hawaiian people).

    SP 2020 – ON: Kamehameha Schools asserts Hawaiian identity and worldview to best revitalize our people.
  3. ALOHA ‘ĀINA – Love of Hawai‘i
    We believe that land is central to Hawaiian Identity and frames our shared histories, traditions, and relationships. Ancestral perspectives of land stewardship are universal, inspiring a sense of collective responsibility that begins with our island home and extends to the larger planet. Therefore, as a high-performing Native Hawaiian organization we embrace traditional concepts to promote conservation, resource management, cultural restoration, economic self-sufficiency, and the continued nurturing of our ancestral connections with the land. (STEWARDSHIP)

    We are committed to improving Hawaiian capability and well-being in ways that empower Native Hawaiians and that ensure the vibrancy of Hawaiian society in perpetuity. Therefore, we will promote expressions of Hawaiian patriotism and opportunities to educate students, staff, and families regarding Hawaiian land issues and efforts towards self-determination. (GOVERNANCE)

    SP 2020 – ON: Kamehameha Schools protects, defends, and advances the interests of its ancestral homeland.
  4. LOINA KAMEHAMEHA – Shared History, Customs, and Practices
    We believe that shared customs, values, and behaviors strengthen our identity as a high-performing Native Hawaiian organization and help to nurture students, staff, and families who care for one another and build meaningful relationships. Central to that belief is the importance of ‘ohana, Christian values, and the understanding of heritage, genealogy, roles and relationships (spiritual, human and environmental). Therefore, we are committed to fostering environments that value relationships and unite us in our traditions, practices, and behaviors while respecting diversity of cultural expression.

    SP 2020 – ON: Kamehameha Schools commits to the lifelong learning of Hawai‘i’s history and culture, and to the daily celebration of its heritage and traditions.

Cultural Principles
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