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DJAVADJAVAY, 大家好, GREETINGS EVERYONE — ALOHA! ʻAha Moananuiākea honors the ancestral cultural connections between Kānaka Maoli, Native Hawaiians, and the indigenous peoples of Taiwan. We recognize Taiwan as the homeland of the Austronesian language family and the place of origin for celestial navigation and voyaging technology. Learners of all ages and backgrounds are invited to immerse in this rich Pacific heritage and explore topics of interest at a self-directed pace. Maljimalji, 非常感謝您, Thank you very much — Mahalo!

Here you will find a range of resources — maps, websites, videos, and materials — that provide general background on the region, its people, and their culture.

Two cultural partnerships foster knowledge sharing and cultural exchange between Native Hawaiians and the indigenous tribes of Taiwan, and celebrate and promote our shared Austronesian heritage.

This page features native voices, interests, and perspectives regarding current events and community happenings in Indigenous Taiwan.