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How to Reserve

[Downloadable pdf]
Contact Jamie Fong, Center Manager, at (808) 842-8655 or via email at to provide the following information:

    • Name of organization
    • Name and contact information of the requestor
    • Brief description of activities and purpose of event
      • Meeting, presentation, workshop, demonstration, instruction, performance, ceremony, etc.
      • Conference, retreat, ceremony, observance, special visitors, etc.
    • Date and Timeframe
      • Event start and end times
      • Set up and clean up times
      • Deadlines for services
    • Number of Guests
      • Special assistance required?
  1. Once the details are reviewed and cleared, the facility coordinator will issue a conditional approval. Activities that are comprised of primarily non-KS employees/students may require the following forms which must be submitted no later than 14 days prior to the event:
    • Indemnity & Waiver Agreement
    • Certificate of Liability Insurance
    • Facilities Use Request Form
      • If there are changes/modifications to the information on the Facility Use Request, you must contact the facility coordinator immediately for confirmation, including cancellations.
  • 3
    While there is no fee for use of the Center, there may be charges for special KS services (i.e. Security, FLIK food services, etc.).
  • 4
    Hours Available for Facility Use:
    • Monday through Saturday, 7am–9pm
    • Facility is not available on Sundays
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    Ka‘iwakīloumoku Meeting Spaces
    Due to social distancing measures established in response to the current COVID-19 outbreak, the Center has made adjustments to the maximum capacity allowed per space, as reflected below.
    [Downloadable pdf]
    Room Name – normal operating capacities [adjusted social distancing capacities]

    Myron Pinky Thompson Hale (Hale Mana)
    • Kākuhihewa Conference Room – 10 [5]
    • Māweke Mo‘olelo Room – 15 [5]
    • Star Compass – 50 [20]
    Ululani Hale (assembly hall) – 675 [70]
    • Ululani Hale ‘Ewa (adjacent to instructional kitchen) – 225 [20]
    • Ululani Hale Waena (projection capability) – 225 [30]
    • Ululani Hale Waikīkī – 225 [20]
    Kūkulu O Kahiki (courtyard) – 675 [80]

    ‘Ōlauniu Room (meeting space w/ TV & LCD projector) – 20 [10]
    Niuhelewai Room (meeting space w/ TV & LCD projector – 20 [10]