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Aarona, William Ithiel "Buck"
William Ithiel Aarona was born at Hanalei, Kauaʻi on October 19, 1899.

Ackerman, Howard (with Harriet Ackerman)
Howard Ackerman was born at Kalamawaiʻawaʻawa in 1932.

Aholo, Lydia Kaonohiponiponiokalani
Lydia Kaonohiponiponiokalani Aholo, the hānai daughter of Queen Lili‘uokalani, was born on February 6, 1878 in Lahaina, Maui.

Andrade, Maile (on native art)
Maile believes strongly in the importance of networking with other indigenous peoples across the world as we share the struggles and the victories involved in rewriting our own unique histories.

Andrews, Alva (on native education)
Alva Andrews, lomi practitioner, shares his perspective on native education.

Aona-Ueoka, Kawai (on kapa making)
Kawai Aona-Ueoka was born and raised in Nānākuli. It was through her love of hula that she began her journey to find kapa.

Ashdown, Inez
We first met Inez Ashdown on September 2, 1983. The date is easy to remember because it was Lili‘uokalani’s birthday.

Booth, Marlene (on native filmmaking)
Marlene Booth is an award-winning filmmaker who, along with the late Dr. Kanalu Young, produced the film entitled “Pidgin: The Voice of Hawai‘i.”

Braine, Naomi (on lei making and native business in Waikīkī)
Naomi Braine has been making lei all her life.

Cachola, Fred Keakaokalani, Jr.
The first thing you should know about this self-described "kuaʻāina kid" is that his heart is in Kohala.

Cachola, Fred (on growing up Hawaiian)
The first thing you should know about Fred Cachola is that his heart is in Kohala.

Ching, Bernie (on music and Waikīkī beachboys)
One-time Hawaiian musician Bernie Ching grew up on the water.

Chun, Ka‘ili (on native art)
As an artist, Kaʻili Chun draws on both the Western and Hawaiian heritages with which she is familiar, considering Hawaiian history and culture and the changes wrought by Westernization.

Craver, Malia
This video from the Nā Momi Hoʻoheno Oral History Series features Malia Craver, expert in hoʻoponopono.

da Silva, Reverend Ernest Gomes
Ernesto Gomes da Silva arrived in Honolulu on April 12, 1888, aboard the English sailing vessel Thomas Bell after a 156-day journey around the Horn.

de Silva, Kahikina (on Hawaiian language, music, and radio broadcasting)
Kahikina de Silva is an instructor in the Hawaiian Language Department at the University of Hawai‘i, Mānoa.

de Silva, Lorna Pi‘ilani Theresa Pratt
Our tūtū, Lorna Pi‘ilani Pratt de Silva of Hōnaunau, Kona, Hawai‘i, is a direct descendant of both Keawe‘īkekahiali‘iokamoku and Keawe‘ai.

Dinson, Pearl Pualani Lincoln
Grandma was the first born amongst her siblings. Her father named her Pearl because he admired the name.

Dudoit, Nawahine
Kupuna Nawahine Dudoit was born and raised at the old Kalaeloa light house on the island of O‘ahu in the ‘Ewa moku.

Eskaran, Kāwika (on native carving and Pacific connections)
Kāwika Eskaran is a faculty member and master carver at BYU Hawai‘i.

Estrella, Isabelle "Sweetheart" Alapa‘i Ha‘upu
Eia ku‘u kupuna wahine, ‘o Isabelle "Sweetheart" Alapa‘i Ha‘upu Estrella kona inoa. Ua hānau ‘ia ‘o ia ma ka lā 13 o Malaki i ka makahiki 1936.

Gaspar, Joseph Keanini (with Weston Leslie)
Mr. Joseph Keanini Gaspar was born at Nāpo‘opo‘o in 1905.

Haili’s Hawaiian Foods
This video from the Nā Momi Hoʻoheno Series features Lorraine Haili Ahlo and Rachel Kuʻulei Haili, daughters of the founders of Haili’s Hawaiian Foods.

Hines, Elaine Nickie Ahuna
This video from the Nā Momi Hoʻoheno Oral History Series features gifted Hawaiian musician Elaine Nickie Ahuna Hines.

Howell, Juanita Momi Wong
Our mother Juanita Momi Wong was born on November 6, 1918, at her family home in Camp One, Sprecklesville, Maui.

Ka‘aha‘aina, Mary Ann Kanani Cordes
"Nānākuli Grandma" was what I called Mary Ann Cordes Ka‘aha‘aina, and it was a name that fit her well.

Ka‘anana, Eddie
If I learned anything from my weeks with ‘Anakala, it is the absolute truth of traditional Hawaiian "indirection."

Kahele, Robert (Part 1)
Robert Kahele, Hawaiian, was born on May 1, 1917 in Honoka‘a.

Kahele, Robert (Part 2)
Robert Kahele, Hawaiian, was born on May 1, 1917 in Honoka‘a.

Kahele, Robert (Part 3)
Robert Kahele, Hawaiian, was born on May 1, 1917 in Honoka‘a.

Kahele, Robert (Part 4)
Robert Kahele, Hawaiian, was born on May 1, 1917 in Honoka‘a.

Kahele, Robert (Part 5)
Robert Kahele, Hawaiian, was born on May 1, 1917 in Honoka‘a.

Kaiwi, Alva Mahealanipilialoha
My grandpa Alva "Mahi" Kaiwi grew up with his grandfather, tūtū man Kaua Kupihea, on an old fishing village located in the bay area of Neneʻu.

Kalani, Albert
Albert Kalani, Hawaiian, was born in Kona on October 14, 1908, one of four brothers.

Kaleikini, Jacob Pi‘iakanoa Sr.
My great-grandpa Jacob Pi‘iakanoa Kaleikini was born on July 14, 1915, the youngest of six children in his family.

Kalili, Gustave Kaleohano
Gustave Kaleohano Kalili, my kupuna kāne kualua, was born on December 24, 1883 in Lā‘ie, O‘ahu, to Kalili Nahuina and Kalelaina Kaleohano.

Kaluna, Mary Keola
My kupunahine kuakahi Mary Keola Kaluna was born in Kaloko, Kona, Hawaiʻi to Puahinano Kahale and Moses Kaʻaihue Kaluna.

Kamanā, Helen Lady
This video from the Nā Momi Hoʻoheno Series features Helen “Lady” Kamanā of Kohala, Hawaiʻi as she shares childhood memories of early 20th century plantation life.

Kāneakua, John Mahi‘ai
On October 9, 1860, my great-grandfather John Mahiʻai Kāneakua was born in Honuaʻula, Maui to his loving parents Alexander and Kanuha Miller.

Kaniaupio, Dawn (on filmmaking)
“Through the work that I do now, I hope to present another way for us to see ourselves as well as the outside world to see us,” explains Dawn Kaniaupio as she shares her desire to capture and promote Hawaiian traditional practices.

Kanuha, Joseph Kawai‘elelani "Big Joe" Sr.
Wahi a kuʻu kupuna wahine, "He kanaka kuikawā loa kou kupuna kāne. He mea ‘ōkoʻa nō hoʻi ‘o ia."

Kapaona, Anna (Ana) Kahā‘ulelio Kahaleuahi
Anna Kahāʻulelio Kahaleuahi Kapaona, my great-grandmother, was a full-blooded Hawaiian whose first language was ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi.

Kawelo, Kapua (on natural resource management)
Kapua Kawelo grew up in Kailua, and her ʻohana is from Kahaluʻu.

Keahi, Sarah (on Hawaiian language)
Sarah Keahi is living a life dedicated to mea Hawai‘i.

Keala, Samuel Aukai Jr.
My Papa was born on October 5, 1930 in Keālia, Kona, on the Big Island of Hawai‘i, to Samuel and Charlotte Keala.

Kekauoha, Sam (on keeping genealogy records)
As an educator and noted elder in the Latter Day Saints community in Lāʻie, Uncle Sam has been given the kuleana to help people remember and reconnect with their ‘ohana through genealogy in Hawaiʻi and beyond.

Kekuewa, Mary Lou
This video from the Nā Momi Hoʻoheno Oral History Series features Mary Lou Kekuewa and Paulette Kahalepuna, experts in Hawaiian featherwork.

Keli‘ipa‘akaua, Joseph Kepo‘ohunaikeaouli Jr.
Mr. Joseph K. Keli‘ipa‘akaua was born at Ke‘ei, South Kona, Hawaiʻi in 1929.

Ke‘ohohou-Mitchell, Myra
In this excerpt from He Wahi Mo‘olelo no nā Ke‘ei ma Kona Hema, Myra Luika Maile Ke‘ohohou-Mitchell describes her family’s practices and relationships with the land and ocean resources.

Klein, Mae Kamāmalu
This video from the Nā Momi Hoʻoheno Oral History Series features Mae Kamāmalu Klein, a well-known Kumu Hula from the hula lineage of Maiki Aiu-Lake.

Kukahiko, Puni (on native art)
With two young children, Puni Kukahiko continues to voice her concerns on the fate of her people through her artwork.

Kwan, Ke‘ala (on music, family, and Hawaiian language)
Keʻala Kwan grew up in Āliamanu and then moved out to Wai‘anae with his mother and two younger brothers.

Leslie, Fred Kaimalino (with Weston Leslie)
Fred Kaimalino Leslie was born at Nāpo‘opo‘o in 1918.

Lopes, Keawe (on hula, Hawaiian language)
Keawe Lopes is an Assistant Professor at the Kawaihuelani Center for Hawaiian Language at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, teaching papa mele and papa ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i.

Losch, Naomi Noelanioko‘olau
This video from the Nā Momi Hoʻoheno Oral History Series features Naomi Noelanioko‘olau Losch, a respected kumu and scholar who has dedicated forty years of her life to teaching Hawaiian language and culture.

Lyman, Richard Ka‘ilihiwa "Jewellel" "Papa" Jr.
Papa was born in Hilo but was raised 25 miles away in Kapoho, a little village in Puna at the end of the railroad.

MacKenzie, Melody Kapilialoha (on native law)
Currently the director for the Center of Excellence in Native Hawaiian Law at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Kapilialoha MacKenzie has extensive experience in Native Hawaiian rights and the law.

Maioho, Bill Kaihe‘ekai
This video from Nā Momi Hoʻoheno Oral History Series features Bill Kaiheʻekai Maioho, Kahu of Maunaʻala Royal Mausoleum.

Manaku, Rosina Kaleionehu
My grandma, Rosina Kaleionehu Manaku was born to John and Rose Manaku on May 8th, 1906, in Honolulu.

Marzan, Marques Hanalei (on native art)
A graduate of the University of Hawai‘i, Marques Hanalei Marzan perpetuates the Hawaiian culture through the ancient craft of lauhala weaving.

Mo‘okini, Esther T. "Kiki"
Esther Mo‘okini was presented the first Pa‘a Mo‘olelo Award (Distinguished Historian Award) by the Hawaiian Historical Society on October 22, 2005.

Motta, Pi‘olani (on Lena Machado)
Excerpts from interviews conducted in 2004 with Piʻolani Motta, hānai daughter of Aunty Lena Machado.

Nahulu, Eli Kau‘i
‘O Eli Kau‘i Nahulu ko‘u kupuna kāne. Ua hānau ‘ia ko‘u tūtū kāne ma ka lā 20 o ‘Ianuali, i ka makahiki 1937, ma Honolulu, O‘ahu.

Naluai, Abigail Duarte
My grandma is the keeper of the Family. She is the glue that binds us together and the foundation that holds us up.

Natividad, Anthony (on ‘ohe hano ihu, Hawaiian nose flutes)
A window tinter by trade, Anthony Natividad has a passion for the ʻohe hano ihu and sharing Hawaiian stories with those willing to listen.

Naumu, Charles Kale (on native education)
Charles Kale Naumu shares about his experiences in Hawaiian immersion education.

Nobrega, Malia (on community movements, native media, and education)
Malia Nobrega specializes in curriculum development for Kawaihuelani Hawaiian Language Program at the Univesity of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, but her interests and talents span just as far as her travels.

Nu‘uhiwa, Esther Kameakaulana
Esther was born on September 22, 1892, on the Kalāhiki channel going from Ni‘ihau to Waimea, Kaua‘i.

Panee, Aileen Emma Chong Hoon
My Puna or great-grandmother Aileen Emma Chong Hoon Panee was born to Chong Tai Hoon and Emma Mai Kaaloa Kaleo on June 7, 1911.

Pānui, William Kalikolehua
William Kalikolehua Pānui was born at Keʻei, South Kona, Hawaiʻi, on November 16, 1928.

Pao, Carl (on native art)
Carl Pao hopes his work will speak to people on many different levels, allowing room for others to draw their own conclusions while appreciating the statement he makes as an artist.

Portabes, Manny (on canoe carving)
Manny Portabes, a kanaka maoli and master assistant for the 2006 Tahitian crew led by master carver Marirai "Freddy" Tauotaha, invited us to talk story in the shade of banyan trees and with a soft-spoken ‘ano.

Nā Momi Ho‘oheno: Ione Rathburn Ryan
The Nā Momi Hoʻoheno oral history series was created to capture the treasured life stories of our Hawaiian people so that future generations might be enriched by these priceless moʻolelo of our unique way of life. Inspired by Women’s History month, we are honored to present three distinguished wāhine Hawaiʻi, beginning with Dr. Ione Jean ʻAlohilani Rathburn Ryan. Aunty Ione was born in Honolulu on October 18, 1926 and is a 1944 graduate of the Kamehameha School for Girls. She has enjoyed a long and illustrious career as a counselor and educator and holds the distinction of being the second Hawaiian woman to obtain a doctoral degree. We hope you enjoy the conversation as Aunty Ione is joined by her cousin Robert Clarke Paoa, and her nephew Manu Boyd.

Rubin, Winona (on native movements and politics)
Winona Rubin has been at the forefront of the Native Hawaiian movement since its beginnings.

Santos, Eva Pualeilani Soares
Eva Pualeilani Soares Santos was raised on her family’s 24-acre property along Hālona Road in Lualualei, Wai‘anae.

Serrao, John (on quilt making)
With over 1,000 Hawaiian quilt designs under his belt, John Serrao is known as one of Hawai‘i’s best quilt designers.

Shiroma, Edna Kealohapau‘ole Ho‘okano
‘O Edna Kealohapau‘ole Ho‘okano Shiroma ko ko‘u kupuna wahine inoa piha. ‘O "Ed" kona inoa kapakapa.

Smith, Pi‘ilani (on native culture, politics, and empowerment)
Trained in hula by her mother Alice K. Keawekane Smith, Piʻilani Smith stems from a matrilineal descent of kumu hula spanning many generations.

Sproat, Bill
A visit with Uncle Bill Sproat of Pololū Valley — June 1985.

Sylva, Adelaide Kaiwi Kuamū
This video from the Nā Momi Hoʻoheno Oral History Series features Adelaide Sylva of Olowalu and Lahaina, Maui as she recalls the days of her youth.

Wong, Alexander Kaleipapanuionamoku
Born on Hawaiian homestead land on May 3, 1926 in Papakōlea, O‘ahu, my grandfather Alexander Wong was the oldest son of nine siblings.

Wong, Wallace Fook
‘O kēia ka mo‘olelo e pili ana i ko‘u kupuna kāne. ‘O Wallace Fook Wong kona inoa.

Woodside, Leiana
This video from the Nā Momi Hoʻoheno Oral History Series features Leiana Long Woodside of Kahului, Maui, a kumu hula from an esteemed hula lineage.