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Buke Mele Lāhui, Book of National Songs
Buke Mele Lahui was published in the last months of 1895 by Francisco Jose Testa, editor of the Hawaiian language newspaper Ka Makaainana.

Queen’s Hospital
At the opening of the 1855 Legislature, Kamehameha IV identified Hawai‘i’s most serious problem as the radical decrease of the Hawaiian population.

Paulet Episode, 1843
On February 15, 1843, Lord George Paulet ordered the Hawaiian flag lowered and the British flag raised. This occupation lasted five months.

Hawaiian Studies Abroad
A farsighted King David Kalākaua knew that a modern Hawai‘i would need leaders if it was to take its place among the nations of the world.

Royal Standard of King Kalākaua
A Royal Standard is the personal flag of a reigning King or Queen. The standard is flown or displayed to mark the presence of the monarch.

Kamehameha Statues
In 1878, the Hawaiian legislature appropriated $10,000 for a monument to be built honoring Kamehameha the Great.

Kaimiloa: Kalākaua’s Naval Ship, 1887
His Hawaiian Majesty’s Ship Kaimiloa was commissioned on March 28, 1887 for the naval service of the Kingdom. It served as the first and only ship of the Hawaiian Royal Navy.

Kaimiloa and the Cadet Band
A cadet band was assigned to the Hawaiian naval ship Kaimiloa, and the apprentice seamen of the crew served double duty as the band members.

Kaimiloa and the Crewmen of the Hawaiian Navy
Two dozen Hawaiian youths were enlisted as apprentice seamen to help crew the Hawaiian Navy’s ship the Kaimiloa.