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Wahi Pana

‘Auwai of Nu‘uanu Valley
Wetland kalo was the food staple for Hawai‘i. Extensive terraced fields and irrigation ‘auwai were created to grow the staple.

Wailuku Bridge
The earliest recorded bridge in Hawai‘i was a crude footbridge across the Wailuku River in Hilo, reported by missionary C. S. Stewart in 1825.

View of the Old Pali Road
In 1852, The Polynesian stated, “O‘ahu residents will never be satisfied till a tunnel is dug through the Pali, suitable for the passage of carts and wagons.”

Royal Hawaiian Hotel
The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, a $4 million investment by the Matson Navigation Co. opened on February 1, 1927.

Kalaupapa Lighthouse, 1909
Two-hundred-thirteen feet above the water, it was the brightest light in the Pacific and flashed twenty-one miles out to sea.