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Main Dishes

Palaoa Linalina (Paniolo Pancakes)
On a lovely morning in Kapālama Kula, I had a taste of old Pololū Valley on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi. That morning, I visited my Tūtū Lani Kealoha’s hale to learn how to make her famous palaoa linalina.

Kālua Turkey
Here is a recipe for kālua turkey, usually a big winner at our family get togethers. I don’t have really accurate measures, but I go by the old-fashioned method of ‘a pinch of this or a handful of that!’

‘Ahi Tofu Patties
In old Hawaiʻi, fishing was a true science. Fishermen knew each particular habitat, each stage of development, each periodic going and coming, each time and season for fishing, and each most efficient method of capture.

‘Ahi Pasta
The next time your favorite fisherman friend swings by your house with a delivery, boil up some linguine and get cooking! We all know - the fresher the fish, the better.

Kalo Burgers, with Grilled or Broiled ‘Ahi
He keiki aloha nā mea kanu. Beloved children are the plants. It is said of farmers that their plants are like beloved children, receiving much love, attention, and care. (‘ŌN #684)