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Instant Pot Kūlolo
If you do not have access to an imu or would rather not turn on your oven, this recipe is a great alternative that calls for the use of an Instant Pot pressure cooker. You and your ʻohana will be enjoying this sweet treat in no time!

Breadfruit and Coconut Baked Pudding
The ‘ulu belongs to the fig family and is grown for its edible fruits and other important uses such as sandpaper (leaves), glue and water sealant (sap), and papa ku‘i ‘ai (wood).

Coconut Milk Cake
This coconut milk cake recipe was shared with me by my grandma, Betty Loraine Tavares. This particular cake is significant in our family because it is prepared at every family gathering.

Nothing compares to kūlolo made of newly harvested kalo, fresh grated coconut meat and milk, and pure raw sugar, all wrapped in tī leaves and cooked in an imu. If no imu is readily available, an oven will do!

Baked Bananas
My mom used to make this when she felt like eating dessert but didn’t want to work too hard. Yeah, it’s easier to scoop ice cream into a bowl but this dish is super ‘ono. Enjoy!

Baked ‘Ulu with Butter and Brown Sugar
My grandmother loved breadfruit. For years, I thought ‘ulu had to be cooked in the ashes of a fire wrapped in foil or tī leaf, so that the edges burned just a little and the insides were chewy and brown.