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NGĀTI RUAWĀHIA, Extended Conversations: 1985 Hōkūle‘a Crew Panel

Kaʻiwakīloumoku Pacific Indigenous Institute presents
Episode 3

NGĀTI RUAWĀHIA, Extended Conversations: 1985 Hōkūleʻa Crew Panel

*NOTE: use the blue dots located on the video progress bar to easily navigate between chapters.

Vivid storytelling and rich conversations by the crew continue in this extended hour-long segment.

Chapter 1   Nainoa Thompson   00:07   Voyage History and Preparations
Chapter 2   Nainoa Thompson   11:17   Voyage from Rarotonga to Aotearoa
Chapter 3   Nainoa Thompson   20:30   Inspiration for Kaʻiwakīloumoku
Chapter 4   Stanley Conrad   25:55   Representing Māori on Hōkūleʻa
Chapter 5   Stanley Conrad   33:16   Voyage, A Gift to Māori
Chapter 6   Kālepa Baybayan   37:44   Complex Coordination Behind the Scenes
Chapter 7   Billy Richards   42:25   Spiritual Gifts of the Voyage

For more on the Hawaiian Tribe of Te Tai Tokerau, watch:
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Hōkūleʻa’s historic landfall at Waitangi, Aotearoa on December 7, 1985 moved revered elder Sir James Henare to declare the presence of a Hawaiian, “sixth tribe” of Te Tai Tokerau region. This unprecedented honor, championed by Sir Hector Busby, led to the founding of Ngāti Ruawāhia, a Hawaiʻi tribal heritage inspired by the Polynesian Voyaging Society and stewarded by Kamehameha Schools for 35 years.

Original Release Date:
November 25, 2020 (Huna)