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Water Supply and Plumbing
Work on a piped water supply system for Honolulu was first undertaken in 1847-1848.

The Folio: A Plea for Women’s Rights, 1855
Did the first newspaper for women’s rights appear in 1980? 1970? 1950? It may surprise you that one appeared in Honolulu in 1855!

New Zealand Connection
In January of 1892, two groups of men separated by the vast Pacific organized historical societies — one in Hawai‘i, the other in New Zealand.

Hawai‘i Train Wrecks
Train wrecks in Hawai‘i have usually lacked the spectacular quality and human carnage of those on continental lines, but at least three deserve mention.

Hawaiian Nationalist Press
An event of 1861 received little notice at the time but was to have a lasting influence -- the birth of the first Hawaiian nationalist newspaper.

Founding of the Hawaiian Historical Society
Late in December of 1891, a group of men, aware of living in historic times, met to organize a historical society.

Mānoa Trolley, 1901
Besides people, the trolley carried bananas, chickens, buckets of poi, newspapers, and a bucket of sand for slippery tracks.

Macadamia Nuts
Macadamia nuts, which are native to Australia, were first planted in Hawai‘i around 1881.

Cannon Fire in Lahaina
Lahaina was an important port during the whaling era, but the industry also had negative impacts on the islands’ social conditions.

First Hawaiian Hymn Book, 1823
Na Himeni Hawaii; He Me Ori Ia Iehova, Ke Akua Mau, was the first Hawaiian hymn book printed in 1823 by the missionary press.

Daguerrotype: Early Photography in Hawai‘i
A daguerrotype was an early type of photograph popular during the 1840s-1870s.