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Learn Hawaiian on CD – Instant Immersion Hawaiian

Camille Naluai

With all the material out there making language learning easy, it’s about time someone did the same for ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i. Kaliko Beamer-Trapp and Kiele Akana-Gooch have created an 8-disc “Instant Hawaiian Immersion” course produced by Topics Entertainment. The makers say they hope people will be able to hold a decent conversation and understand a few Hawaiian phrases.

Users are enticed by stories told by native speakers who later guide them through dialogue. The course gradually builds upon what the user has learned from the last CD, which the makers say will ensure retention.

The first CD goes through vowel sounds, pronunciation and commonly used greetings like "Aloha!", "Pehea ‘oe?" and "‘O wai kou inoa?" Soon, users will be putting simple and then complex sentences together. Take notes though, as there is a quiz on the last CD.

Having ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i in CD format makes use very convenient. Also, the makers have provided an easy-to-follow website. Users may find the site helpful because it allows you to actually see the words being spoken.

Personally I found the website very helpful. Using the CDs while at my computer proved, for me, to be the most effective tool, making it easy to go back and review pronunciation.

The CD cover shows a woman gardening while learning but, unless the user is a quick study or has gone through the CD once before, this may be difficult.

“I really recommend using the website when you start,” said Akana-Gooch whose face also graces the front cover of the CD box.

I found these CDs much easier to follow than the college courses I have taken. If you are interested in picking up your own copy of “Instant Immersion Hawaiian”, call Alu Like at 535-6700.